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I'm going to be switching names shortly. I know, I can't hold still but oh well. I just don't like this name; it doesn't mean much to me anymore like it used to.

When I get around to changing I'll be posting it to my friends only. If you want to be added back to my friends list, please post here now.

Furry Essay Book Cancelled

I made a post a while back about a book of essays written about furries, by furries. You can see it here:


Due to my massive inexperience with publishing, personal issues, and other things that have continuously gotten in the way, I'm going to have to drop the project.

Well sort of. I'd rather hand the project over to someone else if they're interested. Please message me or reply here if you're interested.

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I'm changing my fursona. Again. Today I'm a serval/satyr hybrid. Drew a picture, too lazy to upload.

Tomorrow I'll probably be a asio;ghsehgiojoiofef/stop sign hybrid.

Furry Essay Book Update

At the moment things aren't looking too good. I'm not getting much feed back, what I have gotten has thrown some huge blocks in my way(not anybody's fault or anything, just the difficulties of publishing) and I have a limited group of reviewers, a good amount having not responded back to me yet.

If I don't get enough responses by the end of the month I'm going to shut it down and offer the idea up to whoever else might want to take over.

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Two big things for Christmas.

1. Holy bitch I got a fucking ipod! I was going to get myself something off brand and cheap one of these days, but I hadn't gotten around to it. My sister, brother, mother, and father all chipped in to get it for me since I was the only one of the three kids to not have one yet. *rapes it* I named ti Cheshire, 'cause it sounded good. And it now houses 162 show tunes/dance songs/Cher and Julie greatness.

2. Um, this one's weird and I'm not sure how to feel about it. My sister's boyfriend got me a second hard drive for my computer. Don't get me wrong; 250 gigs of space to shove all my shit in and speed up my original hard drive is a great thing! But seriously, did I deserve? That thing couldn't have been cheap. And he just recently got me a video card to. I am happy with them, it just seems a bit overboard.

And Christmas isn't over yet. As per tradition we have Christmas at my grandparent's, Christmas at my Mom's, and Christmas at my Dad's. My Dad's Christmas is happening tomorrow.

I also got:
Superman shirt, UT Smokey dog, TWO Julie CDs that I didn't have(I thought I owned them all), a kick ass picture of my chara from Jordan, a new DS game called Contact..I'll have to look at what else I have later. That's just off the top of my head.

Now that I've listed all the good stuff, be prepared. My next post shall be a very long, very thought out rant about why Christmas sucks. Tune in next week :p

Furry Essay Book Stuff

I'm not sure if anyone's watching my journal for this stuff, but I'll try to keep an update. Though excitement seems to have slightly died down, I WILL be ending the reviewer applications on January 15th. On the 16th I will make the final selections and hope we get a wide enough variety in people to give a varied point of view on the furry would.

So cross your fingers! Hopefully by February we'll start accepting essays!

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I, like, using, commas.

Overly so, yes, but I like, them. Therefore, I will use them, whenever, I, god damn, please.


Take it up the ass grammar whore.

Happy Yule. :3

Sidenote: I'm not really too terribly pissed and am a slight grammar whore myself actually. I just thought this was funny. And I needed to update with..something. And totally had nothing to talk about.
Fuckin' Gaia

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I don't want to dredge up any old wars in public viewable places and since the one thing I got to say on this big war got deleted(along with the entire post that was made about it) I'm gonna spew my shit here.

Headless or not? I'm sure those of us int he furry community that have been running circles around this topic are already rolling their eyes at this being brought up again. Which is fine. Please feel free to not read since you've probably heard these points before.

And for those of you out of the loop, here's the scoop(as far as I can tell): people went to MFF. Apparently lots of people this year were running about holding their heads in their hands and not wearing them with the rest of their suit.

But for the love of jesus this has brought up a shit ton of controversy. Indeed it was an unsaid rule to never take your head off. That's why we have the cooling off rooms. However, this is a changing time with different people and different ways. We all grow up differently with different values. And as the world continues to get older and us with it, things will ALWAYS change. Sometimes for the worst, sometimes not. Either way we need to just accept these changes and move on our merry way.

The Fursuit Database has now reported over 400 fursuits in its ranks. Think about that; 400! That's a lot of fursuits people and a lot of different personalities and ideas under each and every one.

Now I understand that there are people out there that don't want to ruin the magic by taking off their heads. I'll admit it looks a little weird to me to see someone running around in a fullsuit and not wearing their head, but we're also supposed to be one of the most tolerant and accepting sbucultures ever. So let's keep accepting, shall we?

Let bygones be bygones. Don't bash one or the other and don't segregate. The last thing we need right now is even more segregation. We already have the tendency to split ourselves by species and have a biased against primate furs(which is just really wrong by the way), so we need to set aside differences and just stop caring what the rest of us are doing.

My personal opinion on it? I don't know if I have one really. I don't know how I'm going to act in a fursuit really. I will not rip my head off in front of children just for fear of freaking them out, but I don't know about the rest. We'll see.

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Wahahah. I wish Golden Compass world really existed. Fuck the religious fanatics hating it. Man, they'll jump on anything these days won't they? "CELERY EVIL. DON'T FUCKING EAT IT. COMES FROM THE GROUND. DEVIL FOOD." I'm not going to comment on the actual movie; you guys decide for yourselves. I'm not willing to since I haven't read the book and therefore have no comparison.

Oh, but I do understand a bit of the religious worry since of something I heard about the third book. Not saying what it is, but if they make all three I can't wait to see how they handled it.

And yes, I'll go ahead and comment on this. I was planning on leaving it alone, but it's better if I clear it up a bit, especially after reading svashtar's post, whom I wish I could be more like.

I got in a fight with Bladespark. On understandable terms at first, but I took it too far and definitely insulted her much, much, muuuch more than I needed to. Hell, I shouldn't have insulted her at all, though I was a bit upset with how she responded to a certain post by my friend and I was handling the affair for her at the moment.

Still, there's no real good excuse for what I did. It was more an outlet for a bunch of shit. Keep trying to establish this 'be nice to everyone' attitude which makes all this anger at other people bundle up and suddenly burst out at wrong times. And I am definitely sorry for pretty much every single thing I said to her. I would apologize to her directly, but I'm afraid I've screwed things up too terribly to do so. I can only hope that after a bit of time passes I might be able to make things right. And hope that this doesn't effect my friend's purchase. AND hope that I am as sensible and level-headed as svashtar one day.

Hell, I don't even run a business. Who am to criticize?

Procrastination hurts


Okay, it's been a busy long time since I last posted, so let's try and sum things up easily in the order they transpired.

-Bad Thanksgiving. Tried to cook things I haven't cooked and sucked hard. We pretty much didn't have a dessert.
-My sister and brother got in a car wreck. Both are okay, but the car is so not. Totaled doesn't even begin to describe; it was a head on collision. Long story. The money we get probably won't cover another car. It's going to be very tight, very horrible couple of months.
-My mom took her tests to make Registered Respiratory Therapist, which means lotsa cash. Two tests, very hard, 400 bucks each attempt for both. She passed one on her second attempt, but still has to try again for the other test. Once again, money will be tight.
-My wallet hurts from its lack of fullness.
-I procrastinated like crazy or, rather, didn't pay attention to how many classes I had left in my film class. By the way, I'm flunking it. So now I have to watch three movies, one of which being The Sound of Music which I love but is VERY long and note taking will be..interesting. Then I have to write the papers all by 10:45AM Friday. Oh, those are for extra credit. So maybe I can pull my ass out of the fire.
-Three hour class. Lots of note taking. My wrist hates me. I am sooo having some tequila, like, NOW. And taking a really hot bath with scented melt your muscles shit.

Good news:

-Tom bought me a video card for not pestering him about some money he had borrowed from me! But I can't seem to get it to work properly. it's actually slowing down my games, which makes no sense.

Sorry again for not posting. it's going to be another few busy and evil days. I'll try to catch up on journals when I'm finished. And sorry for all the bad news with the flustered kind of tone and 'life is evil' shit. I just have no one to vent to, so this is place to do it. I still know things will turn out okay in the end.

Hope everything is going okay for you guys though! :3